Italo’s Story




Bushwick, NY – December 28, 2015 – Italo, a 4th generation business owner from Chile is getting back to basics with his new cafe, tea salon, and event space.  His vision is to welcome people into a warm and nurturing environment that feels like the evolution of his family business that began in Italy and later relocated to Chile.

When his grandfather ran the business, it was about the people.  It was about building a community and feeding families.  The business was an extension of people’s homes, it was a place where other families could sell the things they made to also  support their lives.  It was about knowing each other and supporting each other.

For 14 years Italo has lived in NY doing something that didn’t feel like it was his calling.  “So when that moments comes, recalls Italo, that’s when you get back to basics and do the things that come from when you were growing up.  The things that you know from the heart”.  So when the opportunity to have a commercial space in Bushwick presented itself in December 2014, he took it and he has been building the business from scratch ever since.

About ready to open, Italo is reaching out to the community to let people know that there is a place for them here.  A place for families who make fresh breads, cheese, and jams or art, pottery, and photography.  A place where the local community can bring part of their home, as an extension of their home, and connect to the community in another way.

Italo’s will be a place to nurture talents, passions, exchange ideas, celebrate friendship, teach, learn, and support each other.  It is a place to help people grow and inspire each other.  Large enough to host events, Italo envisions holding workshops, lectures, film screenings, seminars, and more.  Whatever people do, they can bring it to Italo’s BK.

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Italo Morelli

895 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206