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Italo's BK

Our cafe mission is to create a home-like space for European-style cafe with relaxed atmosphere for socializing and running into neighbors. A café with great coffee, tea and beautiful home baked items, a hang out, an event and a family friendly space.

The Middle space “middle earth” is a gallery and seating area that can opened up for yoga and various classes offered by neighbors and participants of Italo’s in the evening after 7.

The back atrium space, raw for now, very patio-like with skylights, high ceiling, brick walls, tall windows. It will be an open space for rotating art, music events, talks, maker’s market, and private events.

As the cafe settles in it will soon include a juice bar, crepes, waffles, grilled toasted sandwiches, salad bar and daily soups. Stay in or to go.

The baristas are educated in both coffee & tea varieties.  Along with great coffee and teas we will carry more and more bioregional products so we can provide locally sourced, organic and healthy options as much as possible.

Italo’s is catalyzed by the community, a place to be nourished, and great for serendipitous encounters.

We want to support your pursuits, entrepreneurial businesses and cultural activities. If you need space to do projects or workshops or make a presentation please contact us.

Italo's Story & Press Release

Our Team


Italo Morelli


Growing up on the coast of Chile with many other immigrants families, Italo’s grandparents made a living making a lot of food at the family celebrations and festivities. As he remembers, his grandfather would to go to the garden to pick what he needed to feed and entertain. He was with his father behind the counter of the store having fun with people as his sister was playing in the store. As time went on, Italo started delving into different sports.  He started skiing and became a professional ski instructor who would travel with the seasons. When he stopped teaching in his 30’s, Italo established himself in New York City making perfect walls. Ever since, he has been working in construction and renovations chosen by top architects, museums, galleries and businesses all around New York area and all the way into Massachusetts.

He is now going back to his roots to build a place like his family had back in Chile. A cafe and market visited by regulars that become part of a colorful daily life.


Luis Perez

Audio/Visual at Italo's and High Fidelity Audio Repair


Those who made Italo’s BK possible.
Special Thank-you goes out to

Jeff, the landlord
Tomas,: plumber
Marcus, Nuthouse hardware
Dee Dee, logo, brand, graphics, permaculture vision, systems plans, sales presentation, mud ball room benefit, art show: “the scene behind the world”
 artist murals, door, paintings
Juan, the cook, made delights for all customers, musician / father
Kevin, Italo’s Assistant, building and grounds, homemade drinks
Justin: cashier, Italo’s Assistant, stock trader, farmer
Eduardo: barista, Otherwise animator/filmmaker/photographer,
Eddie: barista,  filmmaker, video producer editor, French tart marker
Anna: Graphic Design: Card, billboard graphics, window
Laurie: Barista, Jo Barista,
Marie: artist roommate
Anne: chef samples
Liz: name maker thinker: herbalist
Cindy: chef catering
Meagan: Singer, barista, permaculture designer
Diana singer
WentingEco Enzymes, singer, wellness instructor
CC Brown Writer, permi
Shig: bokashi & mud balls: waterway revitalization
Ali: friend, furniture importer. advertising exec
Dee: cafe development local business friend
Anuar: construction & demo
Jon: demolition, Permajam Fest, musician, songwriter
Ted: demolition, economist, seedball.us, Two Row Camp

Cafe providers:
Baggio: coffee and tea provider
Christian: Pura Vida Kombucha, awesome chalkboard artist
Jenya: raw bliss bites

Monica: Premabash
DJ Spinach & Shakey’s Mimosa brunch
Bernafit and opening party: Kevin, Tom & Evan and more
Makers Market: Glorka, Kusodama, 596, Miki Katagiri, Ann Lee, Terrariums, Love Heals, Seemapuri Women’s coop: up cycling.
Yogis: Madeline, Marina & Ernest
Maria: physically challenged community artists
Sergey: Figure Drawing Session: drawing regulars

Kunal: community application called better.space
Poo: community engagement Better.space

Mustafa Cosgun


Mustafa is the webdeveloper behind this project, he came as an intern from Amsterdam to New York. During his time here he got deeply involved with Italo’s. Not only with the website, but also business development. He contributed to the business model and ideas to make Italo’s stand out.

He has his own web developing company called Twitchvertising, you contact him for consulting or web development.



Marina Grigoryeva

Artist of the murals at Italo's

“Making art has always been my secret language. As long as sometimes its better to express through movement rather than speech. It’s more universal. And movement may be fixed in image.

Where do I get my inspiration from? It can be everything. What my art is about? It is about everyday life in connection with dream life, sensations in the body, feelings, memory, mind, spiritual revelations.”

You check out my work on: https://mgrigoryeva.carbonmade.com



Carlos Peña


Carlos Pena is a visual artist and Architects, began work 12 years ago, completely self-taught, his artworks are done in acrylics and oils, plus digital art.

Faithful to his artistic vision, the maturity he acquired through his artistic experimentations brought him assurance to express his passionate universe.

The paintings are full of emotion, the use of warm colors invite the viewer to discover new sensations and language of expression.

For Carlos Pena, painting is a process of exploration and research. “The Artwork of Carlos is full of textures and colors that invite you to discover a creative universe through emotions, feelings and ideas, ongoing search for their own language and it characterized as a painter.

As an artist, Carlos Pena had several occasions to present his work in solo and group exhibitions in Chile, USA and Central America

Website: http://artecarlospena.com